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Join us at the cutting-edge of battery cell production

At Morrow Batteries, our mission is to speed up the transition to clean energy by providing various industries with cost-effective and sustainable batteries. At the heart of our efforts is our new battery cell plant in Arendal, where we will begin mass production in 2024. However, to make this happen, we’re looking for talented individuals from Arendal and across the Agder region to join our team as machine operators.

Why become a machine operator at Morrow Batteries?

We are a young company but we operate in a rapidly growing industry. As the world moves towards decarbonisation and renewable energy, there will be increasing demand for cost-effective battery cells. To help meet this demand, our new plant in Arendal will begin mass production this year. We are currently constructing a 300,000 m2 plant and have ambitions to expand to one million m2 in the coming years.

Help create a more sustainable world: As a machine operator, you will be helping to produce industry-leading battery cells that will enable a smooth transition to clean, renewable energy. Your technical expertise will be essential in ensuring we produce world-class battery cells that meet our customers’ expectations.

Be at the forefront of innovation: To develop next generation battery cells and be a frontrunner in the industry we need to work with the latest cutting-edge technologies and production methods. Many of our current employees have enjoyed rapid career development, as they gain opportunities to learn new skills and expand into new areas of technical expertise.

Be part of a creative, compassionate, multinational team: Currently, we have over 30 different nationalities working at Morrow Batteries. We’re proud of the fact that we’ve attracted so many people from across the world, but we also want to provide plenty of employment opportunities for the local community too. Our workplace culture is built on collaboration and teamwork. We trust and care for one another, and we cheer each other on with every success as we move together towards a greener future.


What tasks and responsibilities will a Machine Operator have?

As a Machine Operator, you’ll be responsible for operating our machinery. You’ll also monitor production and equipment to ensure safe and efficient operation. If there are any deviations in the process or equipment, it’s your responsibility to intervene. Additionally, you’ll collect material samples for laboratory testing and perform sample analyses.

Maintaining equipment in good condition and making minor adjustments using production analyses, sampling, and tools when necessary is also a crucial part of the role. Adhering to company guidelines, especially regarding safety, quality, and performance, is essential. Operators wear protective gear and work in a clean room and dry room environment.

Where will the workplace be, and when is the factory expected to open?

The Machine Operator position will be located at the Morrow Industrialization Center in Eyde Energy Park, Arendal. The factory is scheduled to open in the second quarter of 2024.

What qualifications are required for this position?

To be a suitable candidate for the Machine Operator position, a minimum of a high school education with a technical background is desirable. Understanding equipment operation in relation to production and energy consumption is also important.

As an operator, you’ll interpret diagrams, procedures, and work instructions and translate them into concrete activities. Holding a forklift license is advantageous.

Attention to detail, a focus on quality, responsibility, and diligence are important traits. Communication skills in both Norwegian and English are necessary. You must also have a valid work permit in Norway.

How can I apply for this position?

To apply for the position, submit your CV and application here.

We look forward to receiving your application.

What is the working hours and schedule for the Machine Operator position?

The working hours as a machine operator will be on a 2 or 3 shift schedule, but until the factory is in production the working hours are 7,5 hours per day.

What career development opportunities are available within Morrow?

At Morrow, we believe in nurturing talent and providing growth opportunities. As a Machine Operator, you’ll have access to various training programs, and Morrow has its own school. We encourage our employees to take on extra responsibilities and explore new roles as they develop within the company.

How does Morrow promote a positive work environment?

Morrow cultivates a positive and inclusive work culture that values collaboration. We encourage open communication and acknowledge contributions from each team member. We believe that a positive work environment enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

What compensation and benefits does Morrow offer?

We offer competitive pay, health insurance, and strong pension plans. You’ll have opportunities for professional development and growth through training programs. Our factory is new, modern, and well-equipped with access to cutting-edge technology.

What is the onboarding process for new Machine Operators?

As a Machine Operator, you’ll receive thorough training in machine operation, become familiar with the facility, and be introduced to safety procedures through Morrow’s own school.

Do I need to speak fluent English to work at the Morrow factory?

No, you don’t need to speak fluent English, but there are 29 nationalities, so it’s important that you can make yourself understood in English. However, there will always be Norwegian-speaking employees at the factory as well.

We kindly request that you submit your application and CV in English. However, please note that fluency in English is not a prerequisite for the position and as such we do not require your CV to be in perfect English. You’re welcome to use any online translation tools, such as Google Translate. If you need assistance during the application process, please feel free to contact us so that we can help you further.

Current roles at our factory:

Machine Operators – Electrode

You will be responsible for calendaring(pressing) and slitting electrodes, applying necessary coating  and mixing slurry

Machine Operators – Cell Assembly

As a Cell Assembly Machine Operator you will be responsible for the operation of the notching, stacking and final assembly processes

Machine Operator – Formation

You will be responsible for charging/discharging, product handling through logistic system and inspection / packaging process

Meet some of our Machine Operators

Working at Morrow Batteries as a Machine Operator is a great opportunity to learn new skills and work with cutting-edge technology.

Heidi Vidvei Larsen

Machine operator

I’m thrilled to be part of and industrial adventure in my home town. Really looking forward to all the opportunities that Morrow, as a scale-up company can offer. To be working in a great team with new technology is a big plus for me.

Christopher Dønnestad

Machine operator

Great place to work

  • Celebrate wins and cheer each other on
  • High level of trust
  • High-performing teamwork
  • We are technology optimists
  • Global vision
  • Motivated by challenges

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Morrow cultivates a positive and inclusive work culture that values collaboration. We encourage open communication and acknowledge contributions from each team member. We believe that a positive work environment enhances productivity and job satisfaction.

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